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FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

Several times, when I’ve asked for Ten Things suggestions, the same incredibly difficult topic keeps coming up.  Today, Faithful Spoilerites, we’re gonna tackle that whole thing head-on, and dang the torpedoes and whatnot!  Welcome to Ten Things!

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Image ComicsPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release In September, Image Comics will bring the first volume of VALENTINE, Alex de Campi’s acclaimed digital comic, to print as a 352-page trade paperback.

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Ender's GameMarvelSneak Peek

There’s a new Ender’s Game story on the way, and Marvel sent out a sneak peek for Major Spoilers to share with you.

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Cowboy BebopMovies

NOOOOOOOOO! … … … NOOOOOOOOO! … … … Apparently Keanu Reeves wants to play Spike Spielgel in a live action adaptation of the best anime series of all time – Cowboy Bebop. … … NOOOOOOOO!

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MarvelSneak PeekX-Men

The girl that “knows stuff” is back at Marvel following her appearance in the Messiah CompleX, which saw her zapped to the future to live out her days. Take the jump for a select sneak peek of Peter David one-shot.

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Boom StudiosReviewThe Foundation

Conspiracy Theory meets Lethal Weapon meets Boom! Studios If you missed the Major Spoilers review of the first two issues of The Foundation from Boom! Studios, check it out in the podcast. If you want to skip it, that’s fine – in a nutshell, the series is off to a great start, and after reading issue three, I’m upset this title only comes out once a month.

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