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Has it really been 20 years since Keyser Soze flipped our lids with the greatest trick ever pulled? Red 5 Comics has announced a new series of graphic novels based on the Usual Suspects flick.

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Warner Bros. has put out the casting call for actors to join Ryan Reynolds down under in the Green Lantern movie.  According to Spoiler TV, the usual suspects are making their appearance: [CAROL FERRIS] 26-32, a smart and attractive woman with an MBA. She started as a pilot and now runs Ferris Aircraft. She is a work-a-holic…FEMALE LEAD [DR. HECTOR HAMMOND] 27-35, Character actor who is austere and impersonal, he is real “scummy.” He is a pathologist and also the son of a Senator. [SINESTRO] Mid-30s to Mid-40s, he is smart, tough, intimidating and in great physical shape. [ABIN SUR]

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Even though Wolverine has less than blockbuster success at the box office, H’Wood is sending the adamantium clawed hero back to theaters for a second outing. The movie’s story line will take its cue from the early 1980s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller miniseries, which is set in Japan and features Wolverine dealing with ninjas as he struggles whether to follow his animal killer instincts or the life under a samurai’s code of honor and respect. Hugh Jackman will return as the title character and will also serve as producer.   $180 million isn’t anything to sneeze at, and I bet Fox is

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