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USA Network announced a pilot pick-up for BROOKLYN ANIMAL CONTROL. The project is written and executive produced by JT Petty (“Splinter Cell”). David S. Goyer (“Batman v Superman”), Circle of Confusion’s Rick Jacobs (“Spare Parts”) and David Alpert (“Walking Dead”), and IDW Entertainment’s David Ozer and Ted Adams (“30 Days of Night”), will also executive produce. BROOKLYN ANIMAL CONTROL is based on the IDW Publishing comic book created by Petty and is a co-production with Universal Cable Productions and IDW Entertainment.

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USA Network will be at the San Diego Comic Con to debut the international thriller, Dig.

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USA Network is considering taking the legend of Zorro and turn it into a television series.

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One of my favorite cable television shows is Burn Notice on the USA Network. Not just for the spy action and A-Team cranked to eleven feel, but because of Bruce Campbell. Bruce makes the show, and is a favorite actor of mine. During the Burn Notice panel at the San Diego Comic Con it was announced a prequel movie to the television show is in the works, and it will star Bruce in a big, big way. …movie to the series that will focus on Sam Axe, Bruce Campbell’s character, on his final mission as a Navy SEAL. The film

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One of my favorite shows on television right now is USA Networks Burn Notice staring Jeffry Donovan and some guy named Bruce Campbell I hear all the Comic-Con fans are wild about.  The network is planning on hosting a panel featuring Campbell, as the company gives attendees a glimpse behind the show.  Also featured will be the debut of the network’s new show Psych. Are you psyched?  Take the jump to read all the glorious info.  And be nice to Bruce Campbell at the show.  Working all day in Miami surrounded by the loverly ladies has got to takes its

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I’m digging the way networks are dealing the with the summer season.  Instead of being inundated with rerun after rerun (hey, hey, hey hey!), we get a heaping serving of new shows. Last week, Burn Notice returned to the USA Network, and those that dig on vampires should have their appetite satiated following last nights series return. But what about other shows?  Take the jump to read a quick rundown of the rumors surfacing about a possible new Time Lord appearance in Doctor Who, Eureka gets a new girl, and a possible lesbian relationship on Heroes.

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