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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayDr. Midnight

For some reason I’m in the mood for some Dr. Midnight sketches, and this one by Kelsey Shannon fills that urge.

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Because it can’t always be about hot girls and big boobs…sometimes it’s fun to see Batman and Superman kick each other’s asses.

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Warren Ellis

I’d like to think everyone in the world is reading our little site, but it still amazes me when comic creators big and small stop by Major Spoilers to say “Hi”. Warren Ellis didn’t really stop by to say hello, but Warren did link to Major Spoilers earlier today after we posted the sneak peek to his upcoming newuniversal: shockfront #1 title appearing in your LCS this May from Marvel Comics. Thanks Warren Ellis, from, your link love is appreciated on a slow Friday afternoon. And if you ever get the urge to appear on our Major Spoilers

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