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If your a Marvel fan, and laugh with glee every time you hear the next chapter in the Siegel/Warner Bros. lawsuit, then that grin may quickly fade after news that the Jack Kirby estate has served notice to Marvel, Disney, Sony, Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount Pictures, that it is terminating copyright. It all boils down the Kirby estate trying to regain the rights of the characters Kirby created (a very extensive list that includes Captain America, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, The Silver Surfer, and Thor, among others) and make money off someone. If

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Have fun storming the castle! By Crom! The final installment of the first arc in the newly launched Conan the Cimmerian series from Dark Horse Comics has arrived!  All those flashbacks, featuring Conan’s grandfather, readers have been reading since May 2008 finally play out as readers discover how hungry, lonely, and fearsome the wolf can be.

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Or – “Gog, Gog, Gog…  Does Anybody Remember When These Guys Fought Crime?” I am trying very hard to give JSA the benefit of the doubt with this storyline, but no matter how good a book has been in the past (and Johns’ & Eaglesham’s JSA has been quite good) there comes a point where you wonder exactly what the upshot of a given storyline is going to be.  We’ve been dealing with the fallout of Kingdom Come Superman for almost six months now, and as much as I appreciate having a version of Clark Kent among the DCU’s elder

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