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Boom! Studios sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores December 02, 2009. Take the jump for 28 Days Later #4, Dingo #1, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #6, Donald Duck and Friends #348, The Incredibles #3, Kill Audio #3, and the Unthinkable trade paperback.

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Boom Studiosmark sableMovies

Boom! Studios has announced that the Mark Sable created mini-series Unthinkable has been optioned by Mandalay Pictures to be turned into a feature film. “Unthinkable” centers on a brilliant man who was recruited just after 9/11 into a government think tank consisting of America’s most imaginative minds and tasked with dreaming up wild scenarios for possible attacks on U.S. soil. Years after the think tank was disbanded, the attacks the man concocted begin to occur, and he becomes the only one who can stop them. But the government has become his pursuer. We’ve covered the series since it first debuted,

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Boom Studiosmark sablePress Release

This is why I don’t carry my copy of the Illuminatus! Trilogy on board planes anymore.  If this is the real deal, things have gotten really strange in this country.  Check out the press release Boom! Studios sent to us about Mark Sable getting held up by the TSA after they discovered his script for Unthinkable. From the press release: Comics writer Mark Sable was detained by TSA security guards at LAX this past weekend when they discovered inflammatory material in a script for Sable’s new BOOM Studios miniseries UNTHINKABLE. The comic series follows members of a government think tank

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Boom StudiosMark WaidPotter's FieldSneak Peek

Boom! Studios has three titles arriving next week; Unknown #1, Unthinkable #1, and the Mark Waid penned Potter’s Field Hardcover. Take the jump for a sneak peek.

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Boom StudiosSneak Peek

Boom! Studios is really excited about its upcoming Unthinkable series by Mark Sable – and they want to get you excited as well, by sending us a 10 page preview of the first issue that arrives in May.

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