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Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited service just got a tad more interesting with the release of  the  exclusive three-issue mini-series Wolverine vs. Thor. From veteran Wolverine scribe Frank Tieri and fan favorite artist Paco Diaz, begins a three part epic in which Logan confronts by an army of his greatest foes—all at the same time! How can Wolvie possibly survive? And will Thor join the fray as friend or foe? Those who are already subscribed to the service, can check the issue out right here. via Marvel

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Marvel is trying to tempt readers to the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited service once again by offering up Agents of Atlas #0 and Agents of Atlas #1 for free. Collecting three new-reader friendly short stories from Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust, Dark Reign: New Nation and Agents of Atlas #7, all written by critically-acclaimed scribe Jeff Parker, you’ll get the answers to your questions! Who are the Agents of Atlas? What role did they play in Secret Invasion? What’s their new mission during Dark Reign? And just what’s it like to take a peek inside the mind of the

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Marvel has announced that all new and renewing subscribers to Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited service, not only get a slew of digital comics, but each account will also get an exclusive Hasbro Marvel Universe Nick Fury action figure. “Hasbro is very excited to be teaming up with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for this exclusive giveaway,” said Billy Lagor, Senior Director of Hasbro’s Global Brand Strategy & Marketing, Marvel.   “We truly value and appreciate the connection that we have with our Marvel fans and hope that shows in our action figures.” Marvel is making it clear, you need to sign up

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