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Or – “At Least They’re Committed To Multiple Genres…” Many people (including Major Spoilers’ own Stephen) have been voicing dissatisfaction with the proliferation of superhero titles on the stands, though it’s hardly a new issue.  I recall the same complaints abounding when I began reading comics back in the early 1980s, and I find it admirable that DC’s New 52 relaunches included a western, a couple of sorta-war titles as well as books aimed at younger readers.  Of course, one of those kinda sorta war titles went down with issue #8, but now we get to see what they’ve crafted

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Sneak PeekVertigo

The Unknown Soldier is going to Africa.  What’s he doing in Africa?  Take the jump for a sneak peek of Unknown Soldier from Vertigo Comics.

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comic conventionDCsan diegoVertigo

Not to be left out, Vertigo had several announcements at its panel on Friday.

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