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DCMoviesWarner Bros.

It’s being reported that Warner Bros. is in close talks with DC Comics and some of its creators on the direction the movie adaptations of DC characters should take. “While we are not going to go into the specifics of the meetings, we’re constantly looking at how best to exploit the DC Comics characters and properties. DC is an incredibly valuable asset to Warner Bros. and plays an important role across the entire studio by providing development and franchise opportunities for all media, including films, television, home entertainment, animation, consumer products, video games and digital platforms.” Well, duh… The success

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Flash GordonMovies

First Highlander, now Flash Gordon is getting a facelift thanks to Columbia Pictures who are in talks to acquire the rights to the comic property. “Flash” was originally a science fiction newspaper comic strip drawn by Alex Raymond in the 1930s and was created to compete with another sci-fi strip, “Buck Rogers.” The strip was first adapted to the screen via Buster Crabbe serials and made into a lavish 1980 film starring Sam Jones but remembered more for its Queen score. More recently, it was a Sci Fi Channel miniseries that was seen a critical and ratings failure. Yeah, critical

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