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Where has this year gone? I mean, it seems like just last week I was talking about Free Comic Book Day 2016, and now the 2017 event is right on our doorstep!

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Major SpoilersQuestion Of The Day

In a recent Major Spoilers Podcast, I got to eat a little crow regarding my assumption that Marvel couldn’t create the same sort of “shared universe” as their comics with their various movie projects.  Still, even after that successful adaptation, I have a stubborn voice in my head telling me that an adaptation that DOESN’T suck is the exception to the rule.  For every ‘Avengers,’ it seems there are three critical failures, be they a live-action Underdog, a comic adaptation of Family Guy or a cartoon version of American Beauty. The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is your chance to

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