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Ten Things
FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

Sometimes, our fictional heroes take their names from animals, sometimes from natural phenomena and a few from the bug that bit them.  Then there are those who look to history for their heroic noms de guerre…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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comic conventionDCMattelsan diegoToys

This just arrived in my In Box, and for those who are keeping their Matty Collector DC Universe Club Infinite Earths, here’s your first look at Uncle Sam.

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Captain AmericaMajor SpoilersQuestion Of The DayUncle Sam

The MS-QOTD is a complex beast, involving thoughtful contemplation on the issues of the day, balancing the sublime and the gross into the ideal meringue of pop culture goodness, balancing hopes, dreams, hearts and minds to philosophically address the most pressing issues of our shared hobby. Then, sometimes, we just wanna see people fight. The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) slings it’s mighty shield, asking: Uncle Sam Versus Captain America… Who wins?

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DCFinal CrisisGrant MorrisonReview

“You know what?  Whatever…” As I’ve mentioned before, Final Crisis is not the best crisis DC has ever put out.  As issue three hits the stands, some questions are answered, but the overall feeling of the entire series is still something that doesn’t quite seem to fit with the rest of the DCU.

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Boom StudiosCthulhuHumor

I’m gonna file this in the WTF category. Yes, it is an actual poster that you can pick up this week from Boom! Studios. It could be worse, it could be this. And at least it’s not this. All joking aside, I think this is a fun poster (as is anything Cthulhu related), and according to Boom! Studios, it selling quite well. via Boom! Studios 

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