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Or – “Wait…  This Is Still Ongoing?  Now, Waitaminnit!” I very clearly remember the first rumblings of Ultimate X coming in the wake of Ultimatum, back in the fall 0f ’09.  I remember being very upset last summer when I missed the window to review issue #2 (a very likable chunk of comics reading) and was pretty much certain that I’d never get my chance to talk about the book as it slowly fell off my radar, presumably ending.  Imagine my surprise when issue #5 came out this week, roughly a year after my frustrations on issue #2.  Will it

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It’s been a while since we’ve featured a Marvel Comics sneak peek (hint, hint Marvel), but the company sent us a sneak peek of Ultimate Comics X #2 that arrives in stores April 7, 2010 that you can read after the jump.

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If you missed the big reveal in Ultimate X #1, fear not, as the sold out (at the distributor) first issue is heading back to press, according to Marvel. Comics legend Jeph Loeb and superstar artist Arthur Adams finally answer the biggest question in the Ultimate Universe: “Who—or what—is Ultimate X?” In the wake of the disastrous Ultimatum Wave, a new player in the Ultimate Universe will emerge and change everything! If you’ve seen the original cover, the big reveal is spelled out right there for you, but if you still need another clue, the variant cover features the last

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What you didn’t realize from the previous posts was that there was a fifth member hiding in the background. Okay, it’s time for you to burn up the comment section with your reactions to Ultimate X. via Marvel

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February 18, 2009 will wrap up the Ultimate X-Men series with issue #100.  The same day sees the end of Ultimate Fantastic Four which had a mildly interesting 60-issue run.  The end of the series ties directly into Ultimatum from Marvel, which seems to be hell-bent on destroying the Ultimate Universe that spawned the whole Marvel Zomibe craze.  I’ve done a little digging, but after the last round of solicitations from Marvel, I’m more convinced all of Ultimate U is ending when Ultimate Spider-Man reaches issue #133. ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #60 (DEC082344) ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #60 WHITE VARIANT (DEC082345) Written

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