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This week I brought home the last hardcover of Grant Morrison’s Zenith series, which I’ve discussed in this column and reviewed before. I was elated! I remember reading this 2000 AD tale years ago and being blown away by it! It still is ahead of many comics coming out today! I was poking around online to see if other people were as happy as I was. I did find some who shared my feelings, but I also found a perception that genuinely stunned me: “It’s too old to be any good.” In other words, it might have been great when

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Don’t call it a reboot, don’t call it the end of the Marvel Universe – It’s the best of both as Marvel announces the all-new all-different Marvel for 2015.

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As reported here at, The CW renewed several shows over the weekend, including the two based on DC Comics characters, The Flash and Arrow. We also heard that the crossover between the two shows will become a yearly event, much like the “Crisis on … Earths” stories were between the JLA and the JSA back in the day. There’s an animated show to be based in the Arrow-verse on the horizon as well, focusing on Vixen, the animal-powered heroine in the DCU.

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Now that’s we’re into the new year, it’s time to look forward to see what we can expect in the coming months. By this time next year, we could be seeing a seriously revamped industry, particularly when it comes to the “Big Two” comics companies, Marvel and DC.

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Marvel sent out another teaser image, and if we are to believe what we are seeing, Marvel may finally be bringing the Ultimate Universe to an end.

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Press Release This March, the Ultimate Universe attempts to rebuild from total devastation at the hands of Galactus. But with every ending there comes a new beginning – and the next stage of the Ultimate Universe starts here! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at SURVIVE #1 from the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quinones!

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It looks like Marvel isn’t ready to let go of the Ultimate Universe just yet – even though Galactus and his appetite made it look like it was all over. Marvel has announced it will rebrand the Ultimate Universe to Ultimate Marvel NOW! beginning in April, and will launch three titles that pick up where Cataclysm left off.

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September 18, 2013 will be a big day for the Marvel Universe as it is on the brink of a major change…again. via Marvel

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For the last couple of days, rumor has spread like wildfire across the Intardwebz that Marvel is considering a big crossover between the 616 Universe and the Ultimate Universe (Universe 1610), with the ultimate outcome (see what I did there) being the closure/end of the Ultimate line of print comics.  Brian Michael Bendis, the guy that has been helming the U-Universe, and doing a dang find job of it (save for that horrible Loeb debacle), says this isn’t what is happening.  But that got us wondering anyway… VOTE!  

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If you missed the big reveal in Ultimate X #1, fear not, as the sold out (at the distributor) first issue is heading back to press, according to Marvel. Comics legend Jeph Loeb and superstar artist Arthur Adams finally answer the biggest question in the Ultimate Universe: “Who—or what—is Ultimate X?” In the wake of the disastrous Ultimatum Wave, a new player in the Ultimate Universe will emerge and change everything! If you’ve seen the original cover, the big reveal is spelled out right there for you, but if you still need another clue, the variant cover features the last

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Marvel Comics sent us the variant cover to Ultimate Origins #1. Yes, it is another Wolverine cover, but man, it looks good done up as a pencil sketch by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

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