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At today’s Ultimate Marvel panel there was much discussion over the possibilty of the Ultimate Marvel Universe coming to a close thanks to Galactus making the cross over at the end of Age of Ultron. We have a summary of what was talked about after the jump.

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FeaturedMarvelReviewUltimate Comics: Hawkeye

Or – “He Looks Like Hurricane Helms, Doesn’t He?” Clint Barton used to be one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe, back in the day.  The capable leader of the West Coast Avengers, with an ironclad code of honor, he stood up to the worst and most powerful foes in the Marvel Universe with a weapon that any putz could buy in the Wal-Mart sporting goods section.  That takes cojones of brass, Faithful Spoilerite.  Any more, he’s just another interchangable mask in one or more of the myriad Avengers books, the designated deadpan snarker during the endless pause-laden

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FeaturedMarvelReviewUltimate X-Men

Or – “Wait…  This Is Still Ongoing?  Now, Waitaminnit!” I very clearly remember the first rumblings of Ultimate X coming in the wake of Ultimatum, back in the fall 0f ’09.  I remember being very upset last summer when I missed the window to review issue #2 (a very likable chunk of comics reading) and was pretty much certain that I’d never get my chance to talk about the book as it slowly fell off my radar, presumably ending.  Imagine my surprise when issue #5 came out this week, roughly a year after my frustrations on issue #2.  Will it

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Marvel has announced the first three issues of the Ultimatum series have sold out of their first and second printings are and going back to press with more copies for everyone. From the superstar dream team of Eisner & Emmy winning scribe Jeph Loeb & red-hot artist David Finch, hit shelves this June! Featuring a stunning interconnecting cover treatement, adorned with the powerful interior art of David Finch and colored by Steve Firchow & Peter Steigerweld, these issues are can’t-miss issues for any Ultimate Marvel fan, as the Ultimate U is changed forever! Magneto launches his war on humanity and

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This time around: Who Watches the Watchmen?  Who Remembers Earth 2?  Who Knows What Evil Lurks on Earth-22?  Who wrote the book of love?  For that matter, who wrote the book of Leviticus?  We check in on Ultimate Marvel, the Batman of the future, Danger Will Robinson! a faithful Spoilerite gets his just desserts, and there may be a Skrull among us!  All this and much more as we hit number 34 This episode is sponsored in part by the Mid-Ohio-Con ( [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes After the Jump

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