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Marvel sent Major Spoilers another sneak peek of the upcoming Death of Spider-Man event that continues in Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1 from Mark Millar and Leinil Yu.

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Robot Overlord:  I find that the most vexing thing that you meatbags continually engage in is the repeated use of “remakes” and “adaptations” to cover for your inability to create something correctly the first time.  To that end, I have assigned Stephen and Matthew to review together something from Marvel’s Ultimate (comics) Universe, in the form of Ultimate Avengers 3 #2.  They, as always, have complied.

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The Ultimate Universe is supposed to be a close approximation of the Marvel 616, but targeted toward the new Marvel reader. Ultimate Avengers 3 #1 features a vampire story that seems a bit too familiar, but is it really different from the Curse of the X-Men, or just more of the same?

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Everybody’s getting into the act.  Even this guy… Remember kids, that’s Secret Avengers- May 2010. via Marvel

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At the Diamond Comic Distributors’ retail summit, Marvel announced the next major event will be titled Dark Reign.  The series announced by Brian Bendis will follow the after effects of Secret Invasion that will feature a complete change to the Avengers titles.  Bendis will leave Mighty Avengers with issue #20 and launch the new Dark Avengers.  No team replacement for Mighty Avengers has been announced. Marvel also announced Ultimate Avengers by Mark Millar for release in early 2009, Amazing Spider-Man #600 that will ask the question, “What really happened at Spider-Man’s wedding?”, and Marvel Noir, a new black and white

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