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Review Black Badge #3 Review

Black Badge #3 Review

After surviving the frigid Siberian wilderness, our ragtag group of ‘boy scouts’ find themselves 10,000 feet over Afghanistan, readying to parachute in and lead an ex-spy to safety in Black Badge #3.

Boom Studios Black Badge #2

Black Badge #2

We’ve already seen a preview for Black Badge #3, so how about a sneak peek of Black Badge #2? It’s here, after the jump.

Boom Studios Black Badge #3

[Preview] Black Badge #3

Black Badge #2 arrives next week from BOOM! Studios, but today, today Dear Reader, we have for you an early look at Black Badge #3 from Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins.

Boom Studios

Black Badge #1 Review

When Willy learns that there is one more Scout merit badge to earn, the mysterious Black Badge, he joins other Scouts Kenny, Cliff and Mitz on a trip to South Korea in hopes of earning it.  Join them as they venture rather further north than Willy ever dared imagine in Black Badge #1.

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