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Bluefin has announced it has become the exclusive North American distributor for Iron Studios and Blitzways, and plans to bring Batman v Superman statues to stores.

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Press Release It’s time to break the first two rules of FIGHT CLUB.

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DCFinal CrisisGreen LanternReview

With blood and rage of crimson red… DC’s Sinestro Corps was the dark horse hit that got me, and many other comic readers, back into the Green Lantern titles.  Geoff Johns followed this up with a retelling of Hal Jordan’s origin, that skewed everything those of us old enough to remember Emerald Dawn attempted to do 15 plus years ago.  The main reason for retelling the origin?  To add in the character of Atrocitus and set up his hatred for Sinestro, who left him nailed to a crucifix of sorts in sector 666.  Someone with that much rage and hate

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Major Spoilers PodcastPodcast

This time around: dolls in the sky, nobles in the dirt, frank rocks in the art house, and Eminem’s in your face with a gun. Plus, “Art Thou Not Tyler Durden?”, dead men don’t wear capes, a general inability to refrain from our geekery, an almost certain overuse of the word “anyway”, and a big “Bongiorno” from the Italian Spiderman. A MAJOR SPOILERS THANK YOU GOES OUT TO DAVID M. and ERIC M. FOR DONATING TO THE SHOW! THANKS GUYS! NOTE: Because of the nature of the content contained within the Wanted title, there are some strong words that earn

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