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Papercutz has announced that it will debut its new Geronimo Stilton graphic novels at the San Diego Comic Con this week. The Geronimo tales features a mild mannered newspaper editor (who happens to be a mouse) traveling through time to stop the evil Pirate Cats from changing history. The first Geronimo Stilton graphic novel — “The Discovery of America” — sees Geronimo and his thrill-seeking sister Thea meet Christopher Columbus and must save him from the Pirate Cats. The second graphic novel, “The Secret of the Sphinx,” puts Geronimo and Thea even further into the past. The Pirate Cats are

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In the wake of the traumatic events of MESSIAH COMPLEX, Cyclops has disbanded the X-Men and Professor Xavier’s dream is in ruins. People who where once considered friends are now discovered to be enemies. Families have been torn apart and teammates are now set adrift. X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND #1gives us five different stories of the after effect of the MESSIAH COMPLEX, by five different creative teams focusing on different mutants.

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