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Hopefully you noticed a bit of change to the Major Spoilers website when you logged in this morning.  We’ve officially changed over to the new layout as we move into our fourth year of the Major Spoilers Experience. A couple of things you’ll notice right away The Featured Content slider takes center stage at the top of the page. Here you’ll be able to access our most original content, ranging from review, podcasts, interviews, and more. Streamlined look.  Yes, it is nothing more than a CSS thing, but it finally took getting the Featured Content plug-in working to get me

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IDW PublishingReview

Face your fears, and put them in a bottle with that thing that makes you cry IDW Publishing’s Locke & Key: Head Games continues to move at a brisk pace as the Locke kids continue to explore the powers each of the house’s magic keys bestow up on the wielder.  But what happens when you remove your fears, and the thing you fear the most is right next to you?

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