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Dynamite EntertainmentFeaturedJustice Inc.Review

Dynamite Entertainment unleashes a brand new series featuring The Avenger doing what he does best – AVENGING! Will Mark Waid and Ronilson Freire take the character to new heights, or will the hero crash and burn? Sorry, too soon…. Major Spoilers cracks open the issue and reviews Justice Inc. The Avenger #1.

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FeaturedImage ComicsJ Michael StraczynskiReview

Formerly sidekick to the Red Cowl, Flyboy’s world has been torn apart by the sudden murder of his mentor and partner. To make matters worse, no one will take him seriously after the Red Cowl’s death, and the heckling has turned into hostility, leaving him a man on the edge. Julia Moonglow, one of the Cowl’s former enemies, has approached him and slowly drawn him in, revealing treachery that Flyboy never would have expected: the Red Cowl is in fact alive! With a renewed sense of purpose, the newly-anointed “Sidekick” has allied himself with Julia Moonglow and made it his

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