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TRON: Legacy arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD a couple of weeks ago, and though we shunned the movie while in the theaters, we sat down to take a look at Disney’s return visit to an old fan fave.

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TRON: Legacy has been on my Want to See, But Probably Won’t, Because I’m Too Darn Busy with Family Stuff list since we first learned about it a couple of years ago.  I really like the de-aged Jeff Bridges we saw in the SDCC’10 trailer, and now we get a semi-Matrix-y Bridges ready to sling a ring of fun (or terror depending on your world view) our way in this international poster.

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Disney sent two high resolution images for the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie that debuted in a smaller size a few days ago.  Tron is one of those movies, I remember seeing in the theaters and was always taken by the story and the early computer graphic attempts for the computer world.  28 years later, the CGI has certainly improved, and the sequel looks as slick as ever.

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