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In Grimm Fairy Tales #29 (King Midas) we were introduced to Mercy Dante, a character who became quite controversial among fans of the series.  In the issue Mercy fulfilled her plans for revenge against David Frank, a retired hit man who murdered her parents (who were weapon dealers) when she was a child.  A grownup Mercy kidnaps David’s daughter, Trisha, from school one day, and takes her to a warehouse where her father is bound to a chair. Mercy proceeds to shoot Trisha to death in front of her father. You can easily see where the controversy comes in.

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One of the first pulp heroes I was introduced to as a wee lad was Lamont Cranston, The Shadow. I found this awesome 60’s retro styling of the crime fighter by Trisha Toms that I just had to share. What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?? The Shadow Knowwwws!!! HAHAHAHAHAA! My brother’s favorite dude leaping over rooftops avoiding gunfire. Run Shadow!! Then turn and KILL THEM ALL! This is the old pulp novel version. Of course he has the awesome color scheme and hero scarf. Man I like him so much! I like him too, Trish. Thanks for the

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