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With the Kick-Ass movie wrapped and waiting for its debut, word through Hollywood this morning has Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar reteaming for a possible movie adaptation of Millar’s American Jesus. The story centers on the return of Christ in the modern world, leading to a final confrontation with the Antichrist in a bid to save humanity. The book, made with artist Peter Gross, originally appeared as a three-issue miniseries in 2006 with the title “Chosen.” When Millar, one of the top writers in the comics field, decided to continue the story as a trilogy of miniseries, the overarching title

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Red, Yellow, Green, Violet and Blue… What Kind of Lantern are You? Geoff Johns has been spinning a tale of epic proportion across the entirety of the DC Universe, and it will hopefully pay off in this summer’s Blackest Night.  Until then, readers have been given a rebooted origin story of Hal Jordan, and are currently being fed the origin stories of the rainbow corps of lanterns.  We’ve seen the birth of the Red Lanterns in their blood spewing conversion, and continue to see the Yellow Lanterns and their baby stealing ways in Green Lantern Corps, but it isn’t until

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We’ve only seen previews of the upcoming Terminator Salvation flick, and while it looks good, the fifth film is already in the works. When Anderson and Kubicek acquired the rights the lucrative “Terminator” franchise last year from previous owners C2, the former ad exec and banker envisaged the re-booted series as a trilogy. Christian Bale has signed on in the role of John Connor for all three roles. Newest pic is tentatively skedded for a 2011 release. The duo had originally planned to wait until the release of “Terminator Salvation” next summer before deciding on whether to proceed with the

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This week on the Major Spoiler Podcast, we discussed comic book themed courses at various universities, and the books being used in them.  A new book by Thomas J. McLean looks like it could be a great text to add to future comic to film adaptation courses. Mutant Cinema: The X-Men Trilogy from Comics to Screen is the definitive unauthorized study of the popular movie saga, including: • The history of X-Men comic books; • Previous adaptations, including early cartoon appearances, the successful 1990s animated series, and initial attempts to bring the mutants to the big screen; • The development

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