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File this one way down in the rumor column, as word trickles out that Jessica Biel has been cast in the upcoming Thor movie.   The rumor has Biel playing the “love interest” to Thor, which means she could play Jane Foster, Amora, or Sif. via Nuke the Fridge

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During the Wiz World Philly DC Nation Panel, DC EIC Dan Didio gave a bit more news on the upcoming Doc Savage series coming out of the company. Didio then revealed that DC would bring back the classic pulp hero Doc Savage via a monthly series to be written by Brian Azarello (“100 Bullets”) and drawn by Rags Morales. Morales said that the series will bring Savage into the DCU, though it will take place in an alternate universe where he will work and interact alongside such classic characters as Blackhawk and Will Eisner’s The Spirit. The world Savage lives

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