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It is I, the whimsical Wade Wilson, wishing you a wonderful warning (That’s not too much alliteration is it?) – Buy Deadpool #900, with seven all new stories, my first team up and more!  It seems like only yesterday I was starring in Deadpool #13, but here I am, at the apex of comic glory!  This issue is so big only the most hardcore Deadhead (Isn’t that the name for fans of the Grateful – Shut Up!) creators could handle it!  In the first of seven stories, “Pinky Swear”, is presented by Joe Kelly and Rob Liefeld.  “One Down” is

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I became a fan of X-Factor late last year, and have been in love ever since. To be fair, it’s pretty much just a giant man-crush on Jamie Madrox, but there is nothing too shabby about Siren either, a character that I really do like. However, the reason I continue to keep reading X-Factor – primarily – is to see when in hells bells Layla Miller will return. And to anyone who wants to cry “Marvel continuity sucks” at me for her appearance in Secret Invasion, give me a break; it was a flash-back!

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