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There are so many titles and issues that float through Stately Spoiler Manor that getting through all of them in a single week seems overwhelming.  Fortunately there are some issues that rise to the top as must reads (Blackest Night, RASL, and Unthinkable to name a few).  This is the case with the second installment of Batman: Streets of Gotham where the streets have been set a flame by Firefly.

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Press Release Shocker Toys returns to San Diego Comic-Con Booth #3849 with five, count ‘em, five, exclusives, the return of an old favorite and one can’t miss party.

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Shocker Toys sent Major Spoilers one of the figures from its Indie Spotlight Comic Book Heroes Series 1 figure (look for review soon), and they are already cranking out the Series 2 figures that features the Tick, Dick Tracy, Jack Staff and more. The figures are well made, and if you are looking for an indie hero to fight alongside your DC or Marvel figures, then you might want to check out Shocker Toys. The Tick Jack Staff Ignacia Dick Tracy (& Trench Coat w/Tommy Gun Variant) King Zombie (& King Zombie Variant) All Series 2 figures are packed with

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