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Cults are one of those things that truly scares me, even in this “enlightened” age! I think that’s because given the right circumstances, just about every one of us could find the loss of individuality to gain safety something we’d agree to. And that’s frightening! What this comic does is explore one such cult, and in an era when we like to think NOTHING will set us back on our heels, this book sent shivers up and down my spine!

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As it continues to move away from the cartoon part of its name, the Cartoon Network has announced it plans on retelling the legend of King Arthur in a live-action movie from Lionsgate Entertainment. Written by Travis Wright (“Eagle Eye”), the project, tentatively titled “Reborn,” is inspired by the legend of Merlin. It is described as a modern retelling of the King Arthur tale, with archetypal characters from the legend transported to the present. If the live-action aspect of the Cartoon Network surprises you, the company announced half of its 19 new series announced recently will be live action. via

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