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One of the best (if not the best) web comic ever produced is Joe and Monkey by Zach Miller.  For nearly a year (or more) The site has floundered in hiatus-ville, causing many to ditch the site for greener pastures.  Fortunately, today all that changes with a brand new 157 page story. Today is a glorious day. Mainly because I’ve returned to Joe and Monkey after almost a year’s time. Monday’s comic is the first page of a 157 page story that spans DECADES. If all things go well it should be posted three days a week without any interruptions

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Oni PressTrade Paperback

Oni Press has announced it has collected all 12 issues of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s Local into a single hard bound tome. The series follows the travels of Megan McKeenan as she discovers herself, while she discovers America. Crossing genres as it crosses the country, LOCAL examines how where you live impacts who you are. Each issues gives the reader another year in Megan’s life, as she tries to find a place where she fits in, where she can truly be local. This will be an over-sized edition, come in at 384 pages, and set you back $29.99. via

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Archie ComicsSneak Peek

Archie Comics is about to kick off a five issue story arc that send Archie and his friends back to their freshman year. The company has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue that arrives July 5, 2008.

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