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Ten Disavowed Marvel Characters

Shared universes are the very fabric of modern comics.  But sometimes, licensing issues make that a more complicated proposition.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Disavowed Marvel Characters!

Review Transformers #11 Review 8.3

Transformers #11 Review

Sentinel Prime arrives to take a hand in the conflict, while Pax Orion pushes for a better way. It all goes sideways when Megatron makes a move that causes Bumblebee to be drawn deeper into the conflict. TRANSFORMERS #11 from IDW Publishing is on store shelves!


New Transformers toys announced at Canada Fan Expo

During Hasbro’s Transformers panel at Canada Fan Expo, a number of new Transformers products were revealed. Fans of the toyline will want to take the jump to see what is headed your way in the coming months.

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