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Just to show you how popular the first issue of this series was, Marvel let Major Spoilers know that even with the “massive” overprint, the issue sold out at the distributor level. While we wait and see if Marvel will go back to print (my bet is they will), the company has sent us a sneak peek of issue #2.

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Or – “The Fair Witch Project.” The Legion of Super-Heroes covers a lot of different takes on heroism, but the one thing that they all seem to share is the affinity for science.  From the “ultra-energy” that imbues Jo Nah, to Wildfire‘s transformation to pure antimatter, to the accident that empowered Lighting Lass and her brother, the vagaries of science (or at least the strange comic book version thereof) have served as the origin of many Legionnaires.  Indeed, with the bright and shiny future setting, that’s as it should be.  So today’s Historical subject is an anomaly from the get-go, holding the

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Check out Dr. Connors turned into the Lizard on this weekend’s The Spectacular Spider-Man on the Kids’ WB! on The CW. In “Natural Selection,” Peter Parker and Spider-Man both must learn to own their choices when decisions made by Dr. Curt Connors transform Pete’s mentor into The Lizard. The episode is written by Matt Wayne and directed by David Bullock. Interestingly the voice of Curt Connors/The Lizard is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced the character in the Activision Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro video games. It only too three issues for the build up and reveal

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