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I love that I keep discovering lesser-known comics companies who are turning out excellent books, such as Black Tiger #1 from Graphic India, which I reviewed recently. This time I want to bring another terrific series to your attention, and that’s We Can Never Go Home from Black Mask Studios. I discovered the first three issues at Heroes Con in North Carolina a few months back, and had the chance to tell scripter Matthew Rosenberg how much I enjoyed the title to that point! Now the fourth issue has now come out, and it continues this dynamic story run!

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“Bring out your dead!”  “But I’m not dead yet!” Bet you thought Batman #681 featured the death of Batman, and all the hype USA Today, and other newspapers and magazines spewed out that week capped off the end of a legend. Turns out Batman didn’t die in that fiery helicopter crash, and Grant Morrison is now spending two additional issues tying the appearance of Batman in Batman to the Batman we’ve seen walking freely around in Countdown. That’s right true believers – it ain’t done yet!

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