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I’ve always had a complicated relationship with the My Little Pony franchise. I always really liked them aesthetically and spent a good deal of time trying to convince my sister to let me play with the ones she had. The ponies often became mounts for He-Man and Nien Nub, and my sister was OK with it as long as I was willing to let her play with Teela every once in a while. But when it came to the animated shows I usually found them saccharine, trite and even disingenuous. Which was sad because I always liked the toy design.

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According to Variety, Universal Pictures has purchased the rights to Oni Press’ The Last Call graphic novel series by Vasilis Lolos.  The story centers around two teens who unintentionally wind up on an interdimensional soul carrier train, and must figure a way out to get back to the real world. The Last Call is a series of graphic novels, but there is no word if the movie will be a single feature or a franchise of pictures.  I haven’t read Last Call, Volume 1, but I have just ordered it from the Major Spoilers Amazon Page. This is the fourth

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