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League of Legends: Lux arrives in November

Originally released as a digital-first comic series, League of Legends: Lux followed the noble born mage on adventures in the world of League of Legends. Now, that series is coming to print in a collected trade paperback.

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The Further Adventures of Red Sonja, Vol. 1 Review

The She-Devil With A Sword has gained a new level of popularity in recent years with her current adventures being published by Dynamite Entertainment, but do you know she was in comics as far back at the 1970s? Of course you do! Now you can check out newly colored versions of the original black and white stories from the great adventures magazines of the bygone Bronze Age in The Further Adventures of Red Sonja Volume 1 from Dynamite Entertainment!

Marvel Conan Collections

Marvel announces two Conan collections

At the beginning of 2018, it was announced Conan comic book rights were moving back to Marvel after being at Dark Horse Comics for decades. As the launch of new comics approaches, Marvel has announced two new collections scheduled to arrive in early 2019.

Featured The Trouble with Trades

COMICS PORTAL: The Troubles with Trades

These days, a lot of folks are turning to trade paperbacks instead of what some now call “floppies” or individual issues. (I guess they use that term since computer discs have largely fallen out of favor.)

There are good and bad aspects to this, so I thought I’d elaborate a little on them.

Featured Free Comic Book Day FCBD

COMICS PORTAL: FCBD Successes And Failures 2017

This year’s “Christmas in May” for comic book fans is now over, and it was a big success for many of us. Still, I believe some folks don’t quite understand what Free Comic Book Day is all about, so it didn’t work as well in some instances I heard about.

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