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Diamond Select Toys c2E2
C2E2comic conventionDiamond Select ToysToys

What’s better than going to a convention to grab comics and chat with creators? Getting the inside scoop on upcoming toys and action figures!

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LEGO Batman Movie Arkham Asylum
BatmanFeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoReviewToysVideo

Where does Batman put all of the criminally insane? Arkham Asylum of course! Take the jump for our review of The LEGO Batman Movie Arkham Asylum set.

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Godzilla Toys
Diamond Comic DistributorsGodzillaToys

If you were impressed with the last Godzilla toys announced by Diamond Comics Distributors and X Plus, wait until you see Battle for Earth figures.

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Egg Attack Chirrut Rogue One Action Figure
Action FiguresDiamond Select ToysStar WarsToys

Just when you thought you had seen all of the toys and action figures from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Diamond Comic Distributors has revealed Cirrut and Baze action figures to add to your collection.

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Shock 'n Awe review the Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Mountain and Forest Trolls.
Action FiguresFeaturedReviewToysVideo

Shock ‘n Awe review the Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Mountain and Forest Trolls.

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Godzilla toy
Action FiguresDiamond Comic DistributorsGodzillaToys

If you are ready to stomp your other action figures into submission, having them take on Godzilla may be the way to go Рas opposed to actually stomping on your action figures.  Diamond Comic Distributors and X Plus have teamed for 12-inch versions of the radioactive monster that you really should check out.

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Diamond Comic DistributorsMarvelMerchandiseThanosToys

With the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Infinity War quickly approaching, fans will be scrambling for the Infinity Gauntlet. ¬†Diamond Comic Distributors is ready to deliver with a desk monument worthy of a god…

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Batcave Break-In Review
FeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoReviewToysVideo

Who would dare break-in to the Batcave? We’re about to find out in The LEGO Batman Movie Batcave Break-In review!

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Marvel Collector Corps
FeatureFeaturedFunkoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoMarvelMerchandiseReviewThe Want ListToysVideo

The boxes are piling up, and we are catching up with all sorts of geeky goodness in the February Marvel Collector Corps box.

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DCHarley QuinnMajor SpoilersstatuesThe Want ListToys

In this episode of The Want List, Stephen unboxes the Harley Quinn DC Comics Figurine from Eaglemoss Collections.

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Batman The Scuttler Review
BatmanFeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoReviewToysVideo

We back with more LEGO Batman Movie builds! This week, it is the mysterious Scuttler. What is it? What does it do? Why does my son think it is the best thing from the movie?

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Flash ArtFX+ Statue

Kotobukiya has unveiled a new statue of The Flash based on the character seen in the popular television series from The CW.

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BluefinToyswwe comics

Bluefin is bringing new S.H. Figuarts WWE action figures to US shores Be on the lookout for The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H.

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Mike Seymour of FXPhD has created a great breakdown of what went down to create The LEGO Batman Movie for Wired.

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