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A whole slew of Star Trek toys based on the upcoming JJ Abrahms movie are making their way toward toy stores in the coming months.  Playmates Toys has a cool collection of action figures and sets, including the Enterprise bridge (only $25!). The starring triumvirate of Kirk, Spock and McCoy will be available in 3¾-inch ($7), 6-inch ($9-$10) and 12-inch ($30) models. Also available will be figures of the original Spock, who meets the young Spock in a time anomaly. Other crewmembers will be available in the smaller sizes. Playsets include the Enterprise Bridge and Transporter Room. Mattel is also

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Action FiguresMattelToys

Man, I wish these had been ready for the holidays of this year.  Instead, I’m going to have to wait until 2009 to send my Major Spoilers Minions to the toy stores looking for these awesome figures.  Take the jump for the three packs, and the Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection figures.

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