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USA Today, Toshiba, and Dark Horse have announced a very interesting venture where the trio will bring comics to your desktop, doorstep, and digital TV.  The press release from the company is a little vague on how Toshiba or the HD tag will be incorporated into the Dark Horse campaign, but we do know that USA Today will showcase exclusive content from the comic book publisher. “As an entertainment company, Dark Horse prides itself on pushing the boundaries with groundbreaking creators and content,” said Mike Richardson, president and publisher of Dark Horse Comics. “We’re excited to continue this tradition by

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Following the demise of HD DVD, it was only a matter of time before Paramount caved in and announced plans to bring Transformers to the Blu-Ray format. When it was announced Paramount was going the HD DVD route, director Michael Bay was pretty upset about the announcement, only to change his tune a few short days later. Perhaps it had something to do with the HD DVD camp throwing a lot of money Paramount’s way. My guess is the studio got to keep all the money even after Toshiba and others admitted defeat, so now it is full steam ahead

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