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Nearly every superhero is out to cure the ills of society, whether it be righting wrongs, stopping disasters or just crackin’ bad guy skulls together.  Some of them, though, go a step further… Welcome to Ten Things!

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Or – “Poochie Is Proactive.  He’s In Your  FACE.  He Doesn’t Just Get Busy; He Gets “Biz-zay”!”   Back in the day, my friend Karl and I used to say that there’s a fine line between “high concept” and “dumb joke.”  Any idea, story, or setup can be boiled down to a three-sentence marketing pitch (“How ’bout this:  Snakes.  On a PLANE!”) but the real test is in what you DO with your concepts once that pitch has been approved.  A prime example would be Howard The Duck: “Outsider trapped in a world he never made” created great satire and deep emotions when

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