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What’s Steven Spielberg gonna do when Tintin wraps? If you read the title to this story, then you already know, but for the rest of you, let’s spell it out. Spielberg is in talk to produce and possibly direct Matt Helm for Paramount. “Matt Helm” is based on a series of 27 novels written by Donald Hamilton about a government agent whose mission is to take down enemy agents. While the novels were set in the post-WWII Cold War era, the current script is set in the present. While a series of tongue-in-cheek films were made with Dean Martin playing

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The hordes have moved on, which means it is time to offer up another Rapid-Fire Roundup of San Diego Comic-Con News, distilled to its very essence; which makes it quite powerful, so use caution when reading.

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Heroic Publishing

Heroic Publishing has sent us several emails that outline some of its current and future digital and print comics.

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