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Marvel Comics has announced the first issue of 1985 has sold out at the distributor level prompting the company to go back to press featuring interior art on the cover. Anyone like this idea? I would much rather have original art on the cover (such as the art for the cover of 1985 #2 – after the jump, take it won’t you?) than something I’m going to see on the inside of the issue. Also, it seems the art being used on the cover seems to give away some of the joy found on the inside. Take for example the

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Marvels 1985 is in stores now, and to make sure you don’t miss a single issue, Major Spoilers has compiled a quick checklist for you to take along with you to your LCS or to keep handy when placing future orders. Three universes collide this year during writer Mark Millar’s run on exciting Marvel titles. Beginning with his newest epic tale, 1985, Millar lays down the foundation for things to come as Marvel: 1985, FANTASTIC FOUR and WOLVERINE all intertwine in a very big way. After his run on Ultimates, and his unforgettable blockbuster Civil War, Millar explores remote and

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Marvel has sent Major Spoilers the covers to the upcoming Marvel: 1985 #1 that arrives May 14, 2008.

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