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AfterShock ComicsFeaturedMark WaidReview

Well, another publisher dives into the superhero genre! And they’ve got a great crew on board as well!

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Dynamite EntertainmentSneak PeekTwilight Zone

Twilight Zone: 1959 is 40 pages of goodness that is out this week. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

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There are a lot of stories in The Naked City the domed cities of Convergence.  This is Ray Palmer’s…  Your Major Spoilers review of Convergence: The Atom #1 awaits!

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Convergence is about to begin! DC Comics sent Major Spoilers an exclusive first look at Convergence: The Atom #1, that you can check out, after the jump.

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Boom StudiosPreview

I know people that will sit around and debate Pirates vs. Ninjas, so I wonder how the conversation will turn once Boom! Studios releases Galveston that has cowboys fighting pirates.  Galveston is a new mini-series written by Tom Peyer and Mark Rahner with art by Greg Scott.  The writing duo are pitting pirate Jean Lafitte against Texas big wig Jim Bowie, and the fact the writers are incorporating facts from the time period, should make this a really interesting read. “Bowie could throw down,” said Rahner.  “This is the dude who once had a gun broken over his head, then

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“Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” – Like by the end of the issue Even though Mark Waid said returning to the Flash after his long run was a huge mistake, there is one thing you have to give him credit for; adding the children as a plot device that would have repercussions down the road – hey, just in time for a new crisis!

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