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Ten Things Ten Things The Jerk Version

Ten Jerk Versions

I just got a call from the store and they’re runnin’ out of these guys!  Welcome to Ten Things: The Jerk Version!

Ten Things Ten Robins Ten Things

Ten Robins

This week’s Ten Things topic goes out to Ashley V. Robinson, #1 Robin fan who will likely be mad that her favorite isn’t on this list!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Robins!

Ten Things

Ten TV Show Aliases

They say pop will eat itself. The same is true of pop culture, where the cycle of naming is an Ouroboros, which at least makes for a fun list. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten TV Show Aliases!

Review Titans: Titans Together #2 Review 9.3

Titans: Titans Together #2 Review

The great thing about DC’s Digital First line is that, even during a week when there is no new content from the company in local shops, there’s still good reading online! That’s the case with Titans: Titans Together #2, titled, “Bride of Blood.”

Review 6.0

Titans: Burning Rage #3 Review

The Titans are fighting against the Fearsome Five to prevent them from setting off a bomb! Will the Titans get to the bomb in time? FInd out in the Major Spoilers Review of Titans: Burnage Rage #3 by DC Comics!

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