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I do love Titanfall, but I’m not super great at team combat (I blow up a lot… like, A LOT), and with the E3 announcement of Titanfall 2 and the single player story mode, I am more interested in the game than ever before.

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Action FiguresMcFarlane ToysToysVideo Games

McFarlane Toys has announced an agreement with Respawn Entertainment to produce a line of action figures based on the upcoming game Titanfall 2.

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersThe Want List

This week on The Want List Audio Edition….we take a trip to Bedrock, check out a few custom creations, including a Walter White figure and wrap it up with a bit of engineering.

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcast

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, Ted Adams talks 15 years of IDW Publishing, Titanfall falls into the Major Spoilers HQ, Thor and Superman fight it out, Legends of Red Sonja #5, The Red Panda, and Sex Criminals!

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XBOX One Vs. PS4
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ROBOT OVERLORD: Attention Meatbags! announcements concerning the next generation of gaming consoles have been made and the internet is abuzz with praise and terror! I have tasked seven members of the Major Spoilers crew to write their opinions and concerns regarding Microsof’s X-Box One and Sony’s PS4. Of those I picked four and electrocuted the rest! Here is your Major Spoilers Breakdown of the PS4 Vs. the XBox One:

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