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Review Adler #2 Review 5.7

Adler #2 Review

Irene Adler is trying to get her hands on some confidential papers. But a new and ruthless player has come onto the picture. Curious? Find out more in Adler #2 from Titan Comics!

Review Adler #1 Review 7.0

Adler #1 Review

Sherlock Holmes is away in Dartmoor, but if Professor Moriarty is up to his old tricks, Irene Adler has her eye on him. Check out the first moves in their game of cat and mouse in Adler #1 from Titan Comics!

Sneak Peek Adler #1

[Preview] Adler #1

It is the League of Extraoridinary Gentlewomen as Adler and a team of fictional females to defeat the greatest mastermind of all time. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Adler #1, on sale this week from Titan Comics.

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