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Trollhunters: The Secret History of Trollkind is coming to comic books from Dark Horse Comics, Guillermo del Toro and Timothy Green II.

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CyborgDCSneak Peek

It seems just like yesterday we had a Cyborg #4 hitting the stand, and today, another Cyborg #4 arrives in stores.

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Supergirl and Ambush Bug!  Doo Dah!  Doo Dah! Supergirl and Ambush Bug!  Someone’s gotta die! Your Major Spoilers review of Convergence: Supergirl Matrix #2 awaits!

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In the wake of Superman’s death, Metropolis was scooped out of the Multiverse by Brainiac, all the better to watch heroes fight to their death.  What does this mean for the creature called Matrix, aka the 90s Supergirl?  Your Major Spoilers review of Convergence Supergirl: Matrix #1 awaits!

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MarvelSneak Peekultimate comicsUltimates

Marvel has released a sneak peek at Ultimate Comics Ultimates #14 by Sam Humphries, Billy Tan, and Timothy Green II.

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Can the horrible forces of the Dire Wraiths be quelled without the aid of ROM, Spaceknight? The Annihilators and their newest ally, the Galadorian Spaceknight Ikon will find out, soon enough; and Rocket Raccoon and Groot find that going home is never easy. So take the jump faithful Spoilerite, and see what’s in store for our Gallant Galactic Guardians!

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