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With Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday nearing, today’s Retro Review is going Kirby with a vengeance!  These days, everyone remembers Jack Kirby as the creative legend behind Darkseid and The New Gods, the co-invention of romance comics and damn near the entire Marvel Universe.  But back in 1940, he was just a young artist trying to make his mark…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Red Raven Comics #1 awaits!

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With many comic stories being told in sequential format, it’s easy for readers to miss those all-important first several issues of a title. I know that I prefer to start at the beginning, so I’m sure many others do as well! Well, Marvel’s launching a new initiative to attract new and “lapsed” readers to return to the fold – they’re reprinting the first three issues of several books in what are being called “Timely Comics.”

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