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Booster Golddan jurgensDCReview

Oh boy, time travel really does a number on the head With the latest installment of Booster Gold, Dan Jurgens gets the chance to write a scene where Booster Gold and Booster Gold have a heart to heart.  Don’t worry, the universe doesn’t annihilate itself, but it will warp your head.

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Booster GoldDCReview

Faces of Evil As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of company wide events.  For some titles  the company wide event works, almost like it was planned, but for the larger majority, the company wide event gets shoe horned in a way that pulls the reader away from the story because of the “Hey, look what we’re doing!” style of writing.  Fortunately, for Booster Gold the Faces of Evil event works only because there is time travel involved.

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Booster GoldDCElongated ManRalph DibnyReview

For want of a knife the kingdom was lost Forget the time jumping, continuity screwing, reality messing tale that’s occurring in some of those other books.  If you really want your mind tweaked, readers need to check out the latest time jumping, continuity screwing, reality messing tale that’s happening in Booster Gold.  Unlike that other book that doesn’t explain anything, Booster Gold #15, kicks off a new story arc that not only doesn’t explain everything, but does it in a way that makes sense – providing you’ve read the previous 14 issues.

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