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Coming off of the record-setting first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Cartoon Network announced today it will premiere Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Decoded, a full slate of 22 enhanced episodes from season one of the CG-animated series from creator George Lucas and Lucasfilm Animation.  Using text windows to provide in-the-moment insights into all aspects of the sweeping galactic conflict—from trivia to background on characters and storylines—Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Decoded enhances each episode with exclusive content created by the Lucasfilm Animation talent responsible for the show itself.

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For those who dug The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but thought the season was just too short, rejoicing is in order as Fox has announced plans to continue the series for a second season. The series could also get an early back-nine order, Reilly said. Next May, Fox will release the fourth “Terminator” film which could make for some ideal corporate synegy should the TV series survive the fall. Reilly said he’s already spoken to the film’s direct McG about cross-promotional possibilities. For those who also like NBC’s Heroes, Fox did indicate the SCC would more than likely get

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According to Nielsen Research Media, The Spectacular Spider-Man scored high for a Saturday morning rating time slot. The premiere episode scored a 1.2/3 household rating, a 20 percent gain over the same time period a year ago, and marked a 25 percent growth in the Kids 2-11 demographic compared to a week previous. Even more interesting is the second episode in the back to back premiere scored a 1.4/5 mark for the 2-11 demographic. What does all this mean? The first number (1.4) represents the percentage of all televisions in the nation, while the second number (5) is the percentage

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