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It’s another double-header episode this week! First up is Joseph Bradford from TikiGod Comics, creator of Angeli Arbitrium and Elle Moonbeard and the Seekers of Shine. He’s got a Kickstarter campaign happening now for that first title coming out in trade paperback, and you can support it by going to this link today! Here’s the book’s description: “An angel with her chosen, a man with a tarnished soul, a young woman with loss in her heart, and a boy with the capacity to change the world, find each other on the dusty road. They are dragged into a fight older

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Angeli Arbitrium, TikiGod Comics, Joseph Bradford, Kay, angel

One of the wonderful things about today’s comics industry is that people who want to tell their stories through comics can do that more than ever before. I still puzzle over how many excellent tales we’ve missed because their creators couldn’t break through the publishing barrier. A good example of this change comes from TikiGod Comics, a new group of creators who promise to provide “imagination for all shapes and sizes,” according to their website. Their first series is called Angeli Arbitrium, which is Latin for “angel’s choice.” The second issue of this book has just become available. You can

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