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I picked up the second wave of DC’s New Gods action figures based on the designs of Jack Kirby, and as the Superman figure sat upon my shelf staring down at me with much contempt, it suddenly struck me how much Kal-El looks like Adam Carolla. Imagine Carolla donning the blue and red tights, arriving to fight Lex Luthor, and the first thing out of his mouth is “Let’s get it on!” Yeah, you’re probably right, I should stop shotgunning cases of Full Throttle at 3:00 AM. via The Strange Thoughts Inside Stephen’s Head

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Image ComicsInvincibleReview

How to build a super-villain I’ve often wondered what the normals in the world of the superheroes think about.  Do they appreciate those looking out for them?  Do they fear that one day the hero might turn into a villain and nuke their baby on panel for the world to see?  Do they loathe and hate the superhero for raising taxes and insurance premiums every time the city has to clean up or repair all the damage and destruction caused by the last major battle?  And what about those who have lost loved ones in the collateral damage from those

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Boom StudiosPress Release

Los Angeles – January 26th, 2009 – Think your boss is tough? Try working for a superhero! A story of capes, cowls and Blackberrys, CAPED comes to you from the brains of SOUTH PARK writers Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle, with art by Yair Herrera. In CAPED, we meet Jimmy Lohman. Millions would kill to be a superhero’s personal assistant. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s not one of them. Down on his luck, and assisting a has-been hero, will anyone take Jimmy seriously when he uncovers the plot to kill off every superhero in town?

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Or  “Puzzling…  Intriguing…  Entertaining…  A Little Infuriating…  Must Be Dave Sim.” Most of you, our Faithful Spoilerites, are too young to remember the black and white independent comics boom of the 80’s, a time when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were more than a color-coded merchandising phenomenon, where being able to actually draw wasn’t really a prerequisite, a time when having a unique artist’s perspective was not only not uncommercial, it was practically de rigeur.  It was a time where names were made and reputations created, a time which really and truly changed comics as we know them (for good

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