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Yup, it’s time for another smattering of television rumors and tid-bits with an order of steak fries and a tub of mayonnaise on the side.  And by steak fries, I mean Megan Fox, and by mayonnaise, I mean get your mind out of the gutter.

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Some answers and a few problems If you forgot Rasl #4 hit stores this week, you probably aren’t alone.  It’s been six months since issue #3 graced the shelves, so it is understandable if your brain blocked the issue from your memory.  However, if you didn’t pick up the issue, you are missing out on some juicy new tid-bits of information that will make the conspiracists chatter for months.

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While there were some interesting tid-bits of news that floated out of the Diamond/ Alliance Retailer Summits last week in Las Vegas, the biggest and best news was announced yesterday as the company stated it had raised $20,000 to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, The HERO Initiative and ProLiteracy. “Our retailers really opened their wallets and checkbooks to support these worthwhile charities. It was great to see such generosity by our west coast retailers and we expect to see the same from our retailers attending the Ft. Wayne Retailer Summit in October.” said Dan Manser, VP of Marketing

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While there were a lot of companies that had news to share in their panel, there really wasn’t enough to justify a single article for each.  To make sure we try to get as much complete coverage as we can, here’s a summary of the tid-bits coming from the rest.

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I know, with Hulk opening this weekend, we should be focusing on that, but damn if these tid-bits from The Dark Knight don’t look good. [youtube][/youtube]

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